The Top 3 Things You Can Learn about Yourself from a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation


1. You gain a clear understanding of your symptoms

Distinguishing ADHD from other diagnoses that may “look like” ADHD, can be tricky.   A comprehensive psychological evaluation allows you to obtain a detailed assessment of your symptoms, difficulties and abilities.  It also assists treatment providers in offering you clear and useful strategies to address your individual needs.

Sometimes a comprehensive psychological evaluation reveals that your symptoms don’t support an ADHD diagnosis.  You may also learn that other difficulties are contributing to or worsening your attention related symptoms.   If that is the case, a comprehensive psychological evaluation will help clarify how other diagnoses, such as anxiety, depression, or a learning disability  can impact your current difficulties.

Overall, gaining a clear understanding of your symptoms and learning that concrete information and treatment is available to address your needs, will increase your confidence in your treatment as well as in the way you see yourself and your potential.

2. You can learn more about your strengths and weaknesses

Your customized evaluation (via interviews, self-report inventories, computerized testing, intellectual and educational testing instruments and more) helps you identify your needs and offers a full report explaining test findings.  A  more in-depth picture of your intellectual, emotional and social functioning can help you identify where you excel, how to build on those strengths, as well as to address areas where you may need help with learning management skills.  

Overall, your psychological testing brings your symptoms and diagnosis into full view, with a minimum of ambiguity or frustration.  You’ll learn that your situation can be a positive one. You deserve the chance to embrace options and tools that make ADHD a stepping stone to the engaged, productive life you’ve always wanted.

3.  You may need accommodations or learning strategies at school at work to function most effectively

A comprehensive psychological evaluation can identify what strategies may be most helpful to you in academic environments or in your workplace.  If you need academic accommodations, standardized testing accommodations or workplace accommodations, your comprehensive psychological evaluation can identify which accommodations may be most likely to help you, and, importantly, offer you an in-depth report that explains the findings and is the required documentation to receive these accommodations from colleges, testing bodies or under the Americans with Disabilities Act at your workkplace.

Take the Next Step

Armed with the results of an expert evaluation, you can adjust your lifestyle and seek appropriate treatment or supports, confidently and productively.

So, while the idea of going through two or three sessions of psychological evaluation can seem intimidating, it is worth the time investment to

  • figure out your next steps with optimal efficiency and less wasted effort.

  • experience both new revelations and relief as you work towards seeing your attention challenges through new eyes.

  • retain more accurate reference points and feedback as you make changes and embrace new opportunities for self-discovery and success.

If you’re ready to learn more about yourself and your ADHD, you might benefit from a comprehensive psychological evaluation. Please reach out today if you're ready to take the next step.