Do You Think You Might Have Adult ADD?

Below is a list of behaviors that are often associated with adult ADHD or commonly referred to as ADD.  If a number of these items describe you, further assessment by a professional trained in diagnosing and treating adult ADHD might be helpful.

  •  I’m easily distracted and have trouble staying on track.

  •  I have difficulty with organization and planning.

  •  I have trouble paying attention to detail.

  •  I have many ideas but have trouble executing them.

  •  I tend to be easily bored or space out.

  •  I frequently misplace or lose things.

  •  I am chronically late or chronically in a hurry.

  •  I frequently feel restless and fidgety.

  •  I often speak or act impulsively.

  •  I frequently procrastinate or have difficulty getting started.

  •  My best work is done under deadline.

  •  I often do many things at once.

  •  I have difficulty completing tasks.

  •  I am often impatient or easily frustrated.

  •  I have difficulty keeping my home or work space organized.

  •  I often have piles of things.

  •  I can super-focus at work or at home if tasks are interesting.

  •  I’ve a tendency toward excess (food, work, caffeine, alcohol, drugs).

  •  I like highly stimulating activities (driving fast, gambling).

  •  I often feel I don’t meet my goals.

  •  I have a history of ADD symptoms.

  •  Members of my family (parents, siblings or children) have been diagnosed with  ADD or learning problems.

  •  ADD symptoms cause me difficulties in my relationships.