Our Philosophy

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is recognized as a neurobiological disorder that can cause moderate to severe impairment in a person’s life during school years, at work, and in personal relationships. As such, treatment for ADD is covered under most health insurance plans and the Americans with Disabilities Act. We recognize that if you have ADD, you also may have unique strengths and capabilities. Some of these include:

  • You have boundless energy and enthusiasm

  • You’re an imaginative thinker

  • You are extremely curious

  • You are highly intuitive

  • You enjoy challenges, relish change

  • You don’t give up easily

  • You are fun to be with

  • You are creative

Our approach to working with you will be positive and based on your unique set of strengths and talents. Our job is to help you recognize what you can do well and to build on these strengths. We understand what strategies and situations help a person with ADD to be successful and happy. We are committed to helping you achieve personal goals that no longer need to be out of your reach.